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FALL into Shape This Season

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fallexerciseIt is finally time to put away those short shorts, tank tops and skimpy bathing suits and pull out those big warm sweaters and coats. As the days get shorter and the nights get colder it is primeval instinct to want to put on a few extra pounds to keep yourself warmer for the fall and winter months.

According to Dr. Michael R. Eades “It is for survival reasons that the human ...

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Fun Cinco De Mayo Activities

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Cindo de Mayo isn’t just for adults. Involve the kids and help teach them the meaning of this great holiday. We have found

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Do You Know Your BMI?

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BMI measurement_10101_20091122


BMI stands for body mass index; it is used as a way to calculate how much body fat a person has.  It is important for you to find out your current BMI  because just knowing your current weight won’t tell you if you are completely healthy.  


It is also important to test your children’s BMI to help America stop the fight ...

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Take Control of Your Weight This Holiday Season!

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Christmas chocolates_3664_20090119Not only does the holiday season cause stress among shoppers, there is also the stress of avoiding all those high calorie foods and drinks. But what can you do to enjoy the holiday season while not gaining a pound?!

In an article put out by the Cedar Springs Post they said, “To stay healthy during the holidays, you do ...

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Tips on Family Fitness

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exercise kids_3427_20090107We have put together some exercise tips and ideas for a family to do together to stay happy and healthy throughout the year.

Getting Started
Before starting a family exercise program you must choose activities that will suit everyone, here are some factors to consider:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Joint Activity
  • Making it fun for everyone

13 helpful family exercise ideas:

Making it a Routine

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