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fallexerciseIt is finally time to put away those short shorts, tank tops and skimpy bathing suits and pull out those big warm sweaters and coats. As the days get shorter and the nights get colder it is primeval instinct to want to put on a few extra pounds to keep yourself warmer for the fall and winter months.

According to Dr. Michael R. Eades “It is for survival reasons that the human brain is programmed to cause the human to increase in size during the fall and winter months. All animals get fatter in the fall in preparation for winter. We as humans, are no exception.”

Just because the cooler weather is on the horizon, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is okay to start shoving back pumpkin pie and stuffing like it is no big deal. Even though you might not have to wear a bathing suit for another year, there is no reason to start eating more and exercising less.

Family Medical Walk-In Clinic has found a few different tips and tricks you can put to use this fall season to ensure yourself that when next years bathing suit season rolls around you won’t be shocked at what you see in the mirror.

10 Simple Ways to Get Fit for Fall

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  1. Take advantage of the weather- walk, hike, bike, kayak, canoe, even raking leaves is a great way to blast calories!
  2. Partake in something new- with the change of season comes a change in fall fitness classes- check out any local gym for a new Fall class schedule.
  3. Be an active TV watcher- walk in place, do standing lunges, tricep dips off the side of the couch, light weights, sit ups, etc.
  4. Make exercise a part of your life- whatever you’re doing you can most likely integrate exercise in to the routine, for example; park further away from your destination, take a walk during your lunch break, take the stairs NOT the elevator!
  5. Indulge in rejuvenating your body- after a week of hard workouts, reward yourself with a nice massage, facial, meditate. Learn how to feel good, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  6. It’s the 30 day rule that matters- according to Justin Price, owner of Biomechanics, a personal training and wellness facility, it takes the body about four weeks to adapt to any lifestyle changes. After a month of avid exercising, the body will be more adapted and it will be easier for you to stick with a regular workout regimen.
  7. Shoot for 3 C’s- Commitment, Convenience, and Consistency.
  8. The Darkness- take special precautions when running, walking, biking outdoors- wear color reflective gear, so others can still see you in the dark.
  9. Layer it up- Preferably with 3; the first layer should consist of DriFit material, the second layer should be a warmth layer, and the third layer should be the protective layer, such as; wind resistant, water resistant, etc.
  10. Motivation is key- set goals for yourself, pick what you like not what your friends like, stick to it, challenge yourself.

Think positive and take charge of your body this season!


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