Lawn Mowing Safety Tips

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lawn mower_6626_20090531With Spring now in full bloom and the chance of those spring showers in site, most people want to be outside preparing their lawns for those nice warm months to come.  Did you know that nearly 80,000 Americans require some type of hospital treatment for lawn mowing injuries annually?!  That is according to a study conducted by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health. 

With the number of injuries on the rise researchers have found the majority of injuries are occurring  in children under the age of 15 and adults over the age of 60.  Family Medical Walk-In Clinic is here to provide you with some helpful lawn mowing safety tips, so you can enjoy your spring in summer months on your lawn not in our clinics! 🙂


  • READ the owner’s manual! (I know some who think this step is worth skipping but you will thank me down the road!)
  • ALWAYS wear safety glasses
  • ALWAYS wear proper footwear (& no, sandals or bare feet do NOT apply): Best option: Steel toed boots
  • ALWAYS wear ear protection
  • ALWAYS inspect the lawn before mowing (look for debris, branches, paper, toys, etc.)
  • ALWAYS keep people away from where you are mowing
  • ALWAYS use a mower with a blade break or dead mans’ switch: to learn the difference, visit:
  • ALWAYS store gasoline in an approved container (make sure it has a release cap!)


  • NEVER allow children to operate a lawn mower (According to the Academy of Pediatrics no one under the age of 16 should use a rider mower, and no one under the age of 12 should use a push mower.)

*Please note: The age of operating any type of lawn mower varies state to state.  Check with your local police department for local laws that apply in your area.

  • NEVER wear loose fit clothing
  • NEVER reach under a lawn mower when it is on
  • NEVER point grass discharge or chute towards anyone or anything
  • NEVER operate any lawn equipment under the influence of drugs or alcohol (your grass will most likely look pretty hideous once you sober up, so, it is best to  save the drinks until after you get done!)
  • NEVER smoke while mowing your lawn or filling your lawn mower with gas (this is a no brain-er my friends!)
  • NEVER work on a lawn mower unless the spark plug has been removed
  • NEVER mow steep hills if lawn is wet

We hope these tips will help prevent you from becoming a lawn mowing statistic this spring and summer!!!



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