How to Stay Cool Admist the Summer Heat

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Well summer has officially begun and for most of the country it is HOT HOT HOT!  Some states already reaching record high temperatures.

When you are dealing with the summer heat it is important to know what steps you should take in order to keep you and your family safe.

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  • Watch the weather and plan your activities accordingly
  • Make sure everyone is properly hydrated
  • Drink plenty of H2O and sports drinks, try to avoid a lot of caffine or alcoholic beverages

  • When outside, make sure you visit shaded areas frequently
  • Avoid hot enclosed places.  Such as cars and NEVER leave your children or pets in a vehicle (even if it is just for a minute)
  • Take a portable fan with you if you can
  • Make sure your home is properly insulated.


  • This will not only help you stay cool but it will help you save money as well!

  • Eat light, well-balanced meals
  • Wear light-weight, light colored, and loose fitting clothing while outdoors


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Stay cool out there my friends and enjoy your summer!




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