Health Benefits of Growing Your Own Garden

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Sure, it is easy to just go to the market and pick up your fresh fruits and veggies for the week but have you ever considered growing your own?

There are so many positives, not to mention health benefits, that come with growing your own fruits and vegetables.



8 Benefits of Growing Your Own Garden

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  1. Improves your families health- makes eating fruits and vegetables exciting!
  2. Great form of exercise.
  3. No boring dinners.
  4. Save money on groceries.
  5. Educational.
  6. Stress Reliever.
  7. Good for the environment!
  8. You can stop worrying about food safety. You know where your fruits and veggies came from and what chemicals have been used.


Health Benefits of Having Your Own Garden

According to

  • You will be more likely to increase the number of servings of fruits and vegetables you eat per day. The USDA and National Institute of Health guidelines recommend at least five servings of fruit and vegetables per day.
  • You can boost your vitamin and mineral intake significantly.
    • Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins that are rich in nutrients, such as vitamins A, C. They also contain folate, iron, and potassium.
  • Vegetables contain flavonoids, which act as an antioxidant that help fight disease and help build your immune system.
  • Vegetables are low in calories and contain fiber and water, which will help you feel fuller longer. Therefore, you might have the potential to lose some weight by eating more vegetables.
  • A high intake of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of stroke by up to 25 percent.
  • Eating more vegetables can also help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, certain cancers, cataracts, birth defects and diabetes.
  • You will control what chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, etc.) you use on your fruits and veggies.
  • Each time you tend to your garden it can be a workout in itself!
    • You can do strenuous movements like digging and raking or less strenuous like planting or weeding.
  • You will get the joy of being outdoors; fresh air and sunlight (Vitamin D).
    • Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium, which is great for forming and maintaining strong bones and teeth. It will also help fight osteoporosis.


Now’s The Time!

Spring is finally here and now is the perfect time to start your yearly garden. Is this your first time? No problem! Follow this link and you will find the “How To” instructions for starting your garden.

How to start your own garden: Video!


Happy Gardening my friends!



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