Summer Safety Tips for The Kids

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Schools out and kids are just wanting to have fun during these hot summer months.  Childhood memories of barbecues, pool parties, hearing the ice cream man, etc. are all reasons why we want our children to get out there and create their own memories but it is important that we help keep them safe while doing it.


In the medical industry these summer months are known as the “trauma season” due to so many children accidentally injuring themselves while playing outside.  According to accidental injuries are the leading killer in children ages 14 and under.  Nearly 42% of all unintentional injury-related deaths occur from May to August.


That is why we feel it is important to provide the kids with some summer health and safety tips.


Did you know the 4 greatest summertime risk activities include:

  • Drowning
  • Bike crashes
  • Falls
  • Motor vehicle crashes


How to: Swim Safely

  • Buddy Up- always swim with a partner
  • Get Educated- learn CPR and different rescue techniques (most YMCA’s or local hospitals offer free swim safety courses)
  • Know Your Limits- if you or someone you know is just learning how to swim DON’T go to the deep end, swimming skills will improve with time, don’t push it!
  • Swim In Safe Areas Only- make sure you swim only during supervised lifeguard hours
  • Diving- if it says “No Diving” it means NO DIVING!
  • Stay Hydrated- swimming can be exhausting, make sure to keep your energy up with water and sports drinks.


How to: Bike Safely


According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention deaths related to biking increase about 45% in the summer.

  • Wear Your Helmet!- learn more on how to find the “perfect” helmet:
  • Always ride in the same direction as traffic- NEVER ride against traffic
  • Try to use bike lanes or designated bike routes
  • Always stop and look both ways before crossing traffic
  • Stop at all stop signs and red lights- it’s best to get off and walk your bike across an intersection
  • NEVER change lanes or directions without signaling- learn the proper bike signals
  • Make sure your bike has reflectors
  • DON’T wear headphones while biking- you have to be alert at all times


How to: Handle Accidental Falls

Learn what to do if you or someone you know falls:


How to: Handle Motor Vehicle Accidents


Check out this great educational video on what to do after a car accident:


We have provided two different summer safety checklist:





We hope these summer health and safety tips will help you relax and enjoy your summer!  Now go out and make some great safe summertime memories my friends!




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