The Sun & Your Skin…Part 2

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BeachSunEven though the winter months are ahead, it is still important that you know how to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays.


Did you know there are six different types of skin groups?


  1. Porcelain white-
    a. Always burns, never tans
    b. Highest risk for skin cancer and wrinkles
  2. Light or fair-
    a. Burns easily
    b. High risk for skin cancer
  3. Still white but darker-
    a. Sometimes burns and may tan to a light bronze
    b. Risk remains high for skin cancer
  4. Tans easily-
    a. Rarely burns
    b. Skin cancer risk exist but are minimal
  5. Darker-
    a. Never burns
    b. Very little risk for skin cancer
  6. Dark-
    a. Skin never burns
    b. Skin cancer is rare for this group.

According to Dr. Colbert, with WebMD, “Skin groups 1-3 are more likely to develop skin cancers if they burn a lot when they are younger.”

Dr. Colbert says; “Sunburns are actually your body’s way of telling you you’ve damaged it. That burn is created by the energy of light waves hitting your skin, creating cell death, which your skin will peel away and create a new layer later on. But this is damaging over time.”

Helpful tips to protect your skin in the sun;

  1. Wear sun block, at least an SPF 15
  2. Apply Moisturizer
  3. Get enough Vitamin C (orange juice, apple juice, etc.)
  4. Wear a hat
  5. Wear sun protecting clothing (light colors)
  6. Should avoid direct contact with sun during midday (11am- 3pm)

We are doing a seven part blog series on skin; please continue viewing for additional healthy skin updates!!




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