October 15 is Global HANDWASHING DAY!

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ghd_logo_smallAlthough people around the world wash their hands with water, very few wash their hands with soap at the critical occasions. More handwashing with soap means lower rates of infectious disease.

We simply can’t say it often enough… clean hands save lives! Using soap adds to the time spent washing, breaks down the grease and dirt that carry most germs by facilitating the rubbing and friction that dislodge them and leave hands smelling pleasant.  With proper use, all soaps are equally effective at rinsing away the germs that cause disease.

Critical occasions for handwashing with soap are:

  • After using the toilet
  • After cleaning a child’s bottom
  • Before handling food

The goal of Global Handwashing Day is to transform handwashing with soap from an abstract “good idea” into an automatic behavior performed in homes, schools and communities around the world.

Think globally, act locally:  Wash your hands…and don’t forget to use soap!


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